HVAC Design Services

MW/DDA offers services including the design of systems for new facilities  as well as existing facilities. These services include all phases of the project including (but not exclusively):

schematic phase
specification preparation
cost estimates
design phase
bid process
construction phase
final construction approval

Plumbing & Fire Protection Design Services

MW/DDA design services include the design, specification and inspection of plumbing services. Our fire protection design services include the concept of each system, lay-out of the sprinkler system as well as any other special system required and the final approval of the overall installment of the complete system.  We have a dedicated Plumbing/Fire Protection Department with over 70 combined years of design experience.

Commissioning Services

Our firm has experience in mechanical and control system commissioning as well as facility management group training for mechanical and control system operation and maintenance. Building mechanical and control system commissioning has become an important new field for building owners and facility management groups.

Commissioning involves both existing buildings and new building construction. Commissioning of existing buildings systematically optimizes and improves the operation of the building system by identifying and solving problems that have developed during the building's life. Commissioning of new building construction ensures that the new building systems meet the design intent and provide the owner the system he expects.

When the building system commissioning is complete, the owner has a building system which operates efficiently in compliance with the design intent, and the owner's facility management group will have the training and documentation required to properly operate and maintain the building systems.
Data Center Modeling & CFD Services

The key to reliable cooling in a data center environment is to meet the cooling air requirements of each server rack, in order to maintain an acceptable inlet temperature. A computer model simulation of your exact data center can calculate the distribution of cooling air through perforated tiles, the airflow pattern above the raised floor as well as the pressure profile beneath the raised floor. This model enables you to devise the best cooling solution for your data center. No matter how large or small your data center MWDDA can help you implement a design that can best optimize your data center space and also planning for future growth.

By utilizing Tileflow™ by Innovative Research, Inc. we can offer you a scientific, comprehensive, and cost-effective simulation of your data center,including the effects of:
• Plenum and ceiling heights
• Location and flow rate of CRAC units
• Arrangement of perforated tiles
• Cable openings in the floor
• Obstructions in the plenum (chilled water piping, cabling, etc.)
• Layout and heat load of server racks

LEED Services

Energy Analysis Services

MW/DDA can provide Life Cycle Cost Analysis for any size project. We have extensive experience in this area utilizing DOE, Trace and ERG, a building energy utilization program developed by our firm.

We have also been involved in many energy studies and energy conservation (efficient) projects for a number of firms including BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. and AT&T Corporation. We have the computer software to analyze the operation and energy consumptions of buildings on an 8,760 hour basis. These analyses are made by computer with company-owned software, or with software developed by Trane or Carrier.

We have three LEED Accredited Professionals on staff with years of LEED experience. We have designed multiple LEED certified projects ranging from office buildings to data
centers.  We offer complete LEED services for HVAC and plumbing systems beginning at conceptual design and ending with the final LEED certification submission.  We pride ourselves on providing our clients with energy efficient designs that reduce operating expenses but we can also offer commissioning services to help insure that your building is operating at its optimum efficiency. 

Go to www.usgbc.org/LEED for more information.